The song playing at the end of the episode ‘Out of the Frying Pan Into the Inferno' is 'ARIA WITH 30 VARIATIONS’.

I think Aria has multiple personality disorder/Dissociative identity disorder

Byron mentioned mental illness ran in the family a while ago; his brother suffered from a mental disorder/schizophrenia??] < Why would that be mentioned unless it was significant. 

Maybe Aria is in fact Alison sometimes, and she doesn’t even realise and so during the time she is ‘A’, she sends texts from her phone without knowing {That would make sense as to why Spencer received a text from ‘Aria’ and not a blocked ID in the most recent episode, regarding her “break up” with Ezra} 

We’ve seen Aria looking comfortable in the red coat before to play the role of  ’Vivienne’.

Once again, Aria isn’t hurt by A. She’s never been directly in ‘As’ warpath.

"You know why I picked you, right?" - ‘Ali’ to Aria

Spencer had taken pills when she saw ‘Ali’

Hanna was in hospital when she saw ‘Ali’

Emily was poisoned by car fumes when she saw ‘Ali’

Aria was drugged by Meredith when she saw ‘Ali’

"Hey Big A!” - Mona to Aria

Aria keeps convincing the liars to not tell the police

Aria has a resemblance to Vivian Darkbloom.. she also seemed taken back and shocked when recognised as ‘Vivian’ by ‘Duncan’

Aria said herself [out of context] A is for Aria. “I’m A


Aria was all too insistant in wanting to talk to Duncan to find out what he knew about Vivian. Why did she want to be alone? To be there to stop him if he knew too much?

Aria was the black swan they were waiting for at the ball?

A didn’t start terrorizing the girls until Aria got back from Iceland

Aria showed her darker side whilst being confronted by Ella about Ezra. She turned on her family in an instant; what is Aria capable of? Even she said ‘.. you have to lie to your friends..’


Aria sent Ezra a text once from an unknown number and the phone screen was clearly displayed in a shot. We saw Aria write the message and once it was sent to Ezra’s phone it said ‘contact: unknown number/blocked ID’ WHY?

Aria cancelled on her plans with Ezra to stay with Holden because it was her plan all long. She sent her dad the note from ‘A’ and left it on the car and planned to not be caught with Ezra in the first place.

Aria has a key to Ezra’s apartment and so access to his typrewriter. Many of the notes have been if not texted, written using a typewriter. Typrewriters aren’t exactly common.

Aria said all too quickly that she knew a shortcut to the viewpoint where Mona and spencer were.

Aria smashes the mirror in one of the most recent episodes, you can see several fragments of her reflection in the shards. This could be a hint to her ‘split personalities.

‘A TEAM’ alison toby ezra aria mona

Marlene tweeted that “#BigA” was a hint in finding out who A is. ‘Big A' is a what Mona has called Aria in the past.


Miss Aria, You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife.” “MAYA kNEW”

In the episode with the dolls, Aria’s doll is the only one wearing a black hoodie, which we have never seen Aria wear.


“You’re little, but you’re so big.” - Spencer to Aria

It’s been mentioned before that Ali had been spying on A - Could these be the photos Jason had of Aria that he said Ali had taken whilst she was sleeping?..

Ali’s look says it all-



Cast back to the PILOT episode. Emily asks Aria why she no longer had the pink in her hair. Aria replies, “Your parents want you to be yourself when you don’t know who you are.Multiple Personalities.

Remember that time that Aria nodded to someone off camera, very slightly, and then the girls received a text from ‘A’? Well THIS was the shot right before..



{NOT MY PHOTOS] “You’d be surprised what people are capable of” - Aria



^ Because she does it all the time.

Feel free to add to this post (: There’s so much more evidence for Aria being A or being involved somehow.. 


Side note: What does every one think about the idea of ‘two A teams’, and they’re playing against each other/sometimes with. This would explain the ‘it’s a boy’ basket outside Ezra’s apartment? The other A sent it perhaps to warn off Aria and her team? Just a very vague idea, but let me know your thoughts. 

Episode: ‘dead to me’ - Aria doesn’t seem at all shocked that Ali isn’t dead in Emily’s flashback/memory; instead she asks, “Ali, digging up her own grave?” ..

Dead to me: Aria in Ezra’s apartment and the close up shot of the typewriter? …

First ever text - ”I’m back bitches -A” Aria arrived back to Rosewood.

A couple of promos edited by myself - ARIA IS A [NEW PROMO, UPLOADED TONIGHT!] [TEN MONTHS OLD]

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